Halloween STYLE

Halloween, Allhalloween, All Hallows’Eve or All Saints Eve… We don’t care what to call it, we just want an excuse to celebrate!

Remember those nights that we were so afraid to sleep alone that we couldn’t even dare to look under the bed…sleep with our feet or ears uncovered, conscious about every little noise of the house?!

Now we know we were never alone, I mean…in thoughts, because everyone felt the same. That can be a great excuse to celebrate; not being alone in your childhood fears!

If you are up for throwing a Halloween party or going to one, you should definitely think about what you’ll be wearing because dressing is also about having fun.

Halloween is black, dark and mysterious, here is a selection of LDJ pieces for Halloween’s party night.

EARRINGS  BAGUERA for LDJV Collection | Vesper Earrings
NECKLACE  Pipoca Mais Doce by LDJ - Long Cross

NECKLACE   LDJ Collection - Golden Crosses


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