How to ‘oh là là your Wardrobe!

There is something about a classic wardrobe, the kind that doesn’t follow trends and instead aim for some sort of continuity from year to year. As you reassess your closet for this fall, make sure you have foolproof classics like a denim jacket, a perfect white shirt or the ideal overcoat for colder nights. Stay tuned for our top tips that will dazzle your looks and create that (as we mentioned) ‘oh là là factor.



The shirt.
Super versatile, super elegant. It will look great with a plain skirt or the perfect cut jeans.




The jeans.
Levi's 501s, the classic, have been around for over a century. These are the real denims to keep in your closet as various jean styles come and go.



The biker jacket.
The best way to obtain a relaxed and very elegant outfit, this jacket is a must in every closet.




The pencil skirt
Elegant, yet sexy. Perfect for a business day if you tuck in a shirt, ideal for a relaxed shopping day when combined with a vintage t-shirt.


The sweater.
This is something you can wear basically every day of the week if you want to,
and no one will blame you. For real.



The denim jacket.
A light-blue denim jacket will exude your coolness and will never go out of style. We guarantee that.


The white tee.
The most important item in your wardrobe. Ideal for layering underneath heavy knits or just to wear on it’s own.




The pump.
There’s no way to go wrong with pumps. They look great with almost everything. This item is totally versatile. Wear them until they’re kaputt.


The shades.
Feel like using something really timeless? Evoke the ‘50s and ‘60s Hollywood glamour with these sunnies.


The overcoat
Cold days and cool look - check. This is a grab and go kind of coat and will look perfect with any style.

The flats.
Perfect balance between feminine and masculine - these flats are ideal for busy days.

The backpack.
Minimal and beautiful. Backpacks are practical and relaxed and will give you that extra touch of kindness every woman wants.


The sneakers
White sneakers are a classic, for ever and ever. Retro, yet modern and super easy to wear.


The miniskirt.

Perfect if you use it with a sweater or a blouse, tights or bare legs. A year round piece.


The blazer
Have some key pieces in your closet that are a little more graphic. This is the perfect item and will bedazzle your white tee and denim jeans look.



The bra and brief.
Feel sexy from the inside. It’s super important to have the perfect bra and brief combo to provide a seamless look.

The jewels
Pearls are intemporal, perfect and elegant. Use them with any outfit and create the maximum of UAU power. Also elegant: stacking rings. Super easy and simple to dress up your hand.

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