Black is beautiful and no, it’s not sad. It’s not a state of mind and if it were, black would symbolise something phenomenal. The all-black outfit never went out of fashion, or better - always makes a comeback. Black shows efficiency, elegance and effortlessness. In a hectic city day, black will show everyone that you have it under control.

The beauty of black is that it actually is the most easiest color to wear. You can’t ruin it and you don’t have to wash it after every wear. And, never to forget the age-old truth: it’s chic. Super chic.

So are these watches. All black, of course. Both Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors know what they’re doing and they’re doing it just fine.


Ensemble your look with one of these little black ones and ensure yourself a day of perfectness and elegance.

Did we just convince you that a little black watch is as important as a little black dress, or what?

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