Hot & Mamma

For those who are portuguese there is no need to explain you who Carolina Patrocínio is...
For those who still don’t know her just read on. Carolina is a famous portuguese TV presenter who recently became a mom!

We were invited to her place for tea and it quickly turned into a cosy afternoon talking about her favorite LDJ pieces of one of the latest collections – Resort.


Carolina showed us how being a mom, a sexy lady and a business woman is totally possible even in this chaotic century.

She never forgets about herself; she exercises everyday, sometimes twice a day, she travels a lot and between events and interviews she always has the time for her sweet Diana and her husband Gonçalo.

She is an example that it’s a choice to be sexy, cool and happy and not forget about all your responsibilities at the same time. You don’t need to be in some pyjama kind of clothing with blowzy hair and baby puke all over you just because you once were a business woman and now you became a really don’t.

It’s possible to use jewellery always and forever because jewellery brings history and memories to your life and your style. And there are all kind of shapes in jewellery that you can choose in order to feel more comfortable with a baby around.


Her favorite ring was the Letter Ring, she choose her initials as an identity, and to show her compromise to herself.

These are her choices Horseshoe Necklace, Star Necklace, Letter Ring, Double Star Ring and Striped Ring.

Watch out...this lady is a vamp!


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