There's Something about Joana

There’s something about jewellery that makes every woman feel secure, just like Kate Winslet when she’s posing for Leonardo DiCaprio in the mythic Titanic scene - like she doesn't need anything else besides her necklace to feel feminine and sexy. That’s exactly how Joana, a marketeer during the day and an entrepreneur by night, wears her Baguera for LDJ fav pieces. Like she doesn’t need anything else. As a proud restaurant owner, that she manages with 3 other friends, Joana knows that it’s all about comfort and elegance - which can be hard to achieve, especially on busy nights and believe me - Lateral hasn’t had anything else besides super busy nights.


Joana wears our pieces as an extension of herself, giving them that extra touch of sophistication and I-know-exactly-what-I’m-doing feeling. No wonder the Lateral is always packed. 

Located in one of Lisbon’s hippest street, Joana has to keep up with fashion scene of which she’s surrounded. There’s no doubt she’s doing an extraordinary job for that matter. And the food is also surreal. Like please-don’t-stop-bringing-me-more-food.


Joana wears +351, Head-Ji and Baguera for LDJ. All white look was provided by stylist.



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