Day at the Park with Ana Varela

Romantic describes her style perfectly. Touch-me textures, a very calm smile and sparkle in her eyes - that’s what you see through Ana in a heartbeat. Actor/newly-been-mum, has something very calm about her and she is the living proof that less is more. She wears our Baguera for LDJ jewellery paired whit nothing too shiny and it makes all the difference.

She is our latest style crush, something like a super woman that oozes slick, cool, togetherness (something we’re all trying to look like, right?). She’s smart, super stylish confident (like only a new mum can be) and super charming - all without even a smidge of smugness.

Ana astonished us (for real!). The fact that she is using our jewellery with a plain white t-shirt or grey overalls is a serious life advice: stay true to yourself. The quote “May the rest of your life be the best of your like” suddenly got a new meaning.

It’s no easy to go viral but this newbie is the whimsical world of all things effortlessly-chic. She will be taken to amazing new heights.

Ana wears BAM (overall), Bodhi (body) and Head-Ji (headband). All jewellery from Baguera for LDJ.




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