Sheer Lace

After Rihanna’s sheer appearance at the CFDA’s, sheer lacy clothing are still trending. Like crazy. We are sure the trend will stay until late Autumn and this is the best way to reveal your best side. Although not in a too obvious way, of course.

We are, obviously, talking about a less showing kind of sheer. The super transparent kind should be used only by Rihanna or Barbra Streisand (in the early 60s) on special occasions.

No, not even Lady Gaga’s nude bodysuit she wore on an Airplane to Japan this week is acceptable. Not for us common mortals, that is. We do think the Narita Airport crowd was quite amused though.  


 ID | Rich White Label; V | Vectory Snow Diva

For us, this kind of elegant-and-on-the-street-wearable sheer is the real deal. This look has stolen our hearts and endeavours our wanderlust. At least to go to work and go for some drinks afterwards. This is the perfect work/drinks combo, suitable for every occasion.

For those who think sheer is overly girlie, just add a nice causal “something”. We teamed the somehow posh dress with white sneakers, handing a careless twist to it.

This look is a real smart move. A day saviour.

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