Wedding Season

Some of you already closed the wedding season. Some of you are just right in the middle of it. For those, this article should be as refreshing as a sea breeze in a hot summer day.

Let’s be honest about weddings - the strange demand of wearing a frustratingly awful dress to a wedding and the fact that we have to forfeit hot summer weekends is something we will hold grudges to. We’re women, that’s what we do. But as women, this is, the higher being, let’s not forget that us too will get married someday. So, forget everything you hold against weddings and star to embellish yourself. Keep on reading and we promise you a hell of a time!

First - match your make-up to your dress. We’re kind of in love with Suki Waterhouse’s look for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Benefit 2014 in New York.

A lace embellished neckline calls for some serious dramatic make-up: deep berry lips and well outlined eyes. And the perfect accessory to frame your face is - earrings! 

Second - Now that you’ve got the perfect dress and make-up, make sure your party shoes don’t let you down. They must be chic, minimalist and classic. Oh yes, and really comfortable.




Third - If your think you’re now ready to go, think again Missy. The most important thing ever in a wedding look is, of course, your clutch. You may look perfect and gorgeous when you leave the house but for you to stay that way, you have to fill it properly (make-up, perfume, Kleenex, combs…). Complete your look with the perfect clutch because yes, it’s all in the clutch.  

You are now ready to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw - guaranteed to create a show stopping entrance.




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