V Collection

Start a style storm this summer in vectorial shapes, pastel tones and soft metallics. We introduce you the V Collection.

This trend will hit the high street hard. And by that we mean that the V Collection will help you to achieve that eclectic ‘I know what I’m doing’look, by adorning you with a scattering of pieces and by mixing colors and textures.

Give your summer wardrobe a special treat with this collection. Whether you’re heading to an important meeting or a party, get set with the Vectory Diva Clutch and hit the most important runway ever known to woman: the street. This is the perfect low maintenance, high-chic piece you need to rock your look in never imagined ways.

Our Vesper earring/necklace combo is exhilarating and dynamic and a constant adventure. The Vesper Earrings are the perfect face-frame. You can choose to give yourself away as a blue, black or pink loving person, the fresh facial expression you will obtain with this piece is something you will want to observe the whole day. Yes, we are creating self absorbed woman. And we truly believe that other peoples reactions will match your own impression.


Be prepared to show a classic, familiar silhouette and make it appear fresh and novel.

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