Festival Fashion Survival

Are you ready for our fieldspirations? We will show you the best festival fashion survival tips EVER, plus some key festi pieces that will play everyone around.


These will literally be your best friend. Imagine swirls of color and patterned beading all across your face - you have to take your festival beauty very serious and look fabulous on all of your #selfies. 




Outrageous Jewellery
You will want to fun dress up and go all-out wearing outrageous jewellery and be somehow different from all the others.  This is the whole concept of festivals and will overwhelm everyone with maximum effect.


Denim Love
It’s like what Frank Ocean said: ‘a love that lasts ,a love that we can wear. Got a love like denim’. Well, find your love at your next festival and be sure to be using a good denim jacket. This is the key piece for every festival as it gives your look some structure and is also really practical. Wear it with some length if you feel like it - I truly believe it’s a trend - and the best of this jacket is that it goes so good with every imaginable outfit.


The Combo
A good pair of shorts and a comfortable t-shirt are the staple pieces in the festival wardrobe. They are both easy to dress up or down, will look effortlessly chic and sexy and can be styled as you wish. Don’t mind the black but that’s what I’m in right now. I guarantee you I am not fishing you for a sect!



Boot it up

Never forget to incorporate a feminine twist to each of your looks when you’re doing festival looks, but, please, use boots. Use some bad-ass boots that will tell the world that you don’t need help from anyone - unless someone wants to get you a beer. Any kind of vintage cowboy boots will be the perfect addition to your girlish style and give you that extra sexy twist.





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