ID Collection

The new way to be irreverent this season? Put on our ID Collection and mean what you wear!

Wan’t to ooze that rockstar nonchalance in you? Well, it’s a question of attitude. Mean what you say, therefor use what you would say. It doesn’t matter if you’re a delicate flower or though-girl, our ID Collection will have the statement that suits you best. Give yourself a signature style and incorporate a feminine twist to each of your looks.

You’ll be sacked for choice and you will rock your style even more now that everyone sees what you stand for. Everyone knows that role-playing is a trending aspect in fashion and therefor, you will be seated front row in all shows.




Stay true to your feelings and ideals and give the ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’quote a new meaning. Don’t be ashamed to show the world your true colours - thank you Phil! -, and, with no huss and fuss, no unforeseen drama and, specially, no wannabe endeavour, just be yourself, true and honest.

I truly belive and hope that someday, everyone will realize that to be yourself is exactly the same as having sense of self beauty, sexyness and something to be proud of.

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