SHADE Collection

Insect silhouettes and delicate aesthetics, meet the next big thing: the SHADE Collection. 

You’ve heard and read all about our new collaboration between Baguera and LDJ.
Now it’s time to take a more introspective look on each collection we so proudly wear on a daily basis. The SHADE Collection is the perfect boost to encourage your inner femme fatal, in the most elegant way ever possible. Less is more when it comes to this collection and by less we mean your choice of clothes. You won’t need much color or shape when wearing the Leaf Body Harness, for instance, we can guarantee you that. And let’s be honest, summer wouldn’t be summer without that one piece of Jewellery you wear to death.

Each piece o
f this Spikecollection is easy to dress up or down, look effortlessly chic and can be styled to wear for a few days in a row! Wear your Spike Bracelet as you mean it and show the world you’re in charge.

Empowerment is sexy, believe us. You will be turning heads without shedding one single article of clothing. On the other hand, and
if it happens that you want to feel like Charlotte from SATC, just put on your Leaf Earrings
and charm everyone away. It was never this simple to hit a home run when it comes to accessories and how to clash them with your daily wardrobe and feelings. 

The SHADE Collection promises to be an amazing addition to any look and will also give you that sparkle touch of Urban Jungle we are so familiar thanks to the last Runway shows.



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