Baguera for LDJ

It would’t be the perfect summer without a new amazing collaboration between two high renown Jewellery brands. Baguera joined LDJ early this year and created three sophisticated Collections, meaning major playtime for fashion clashing. 

Branca Cuvier, the creative director of Baguera, is a true muse and style icon and brought her Fashion sense to LDJ by tailoring the perfect mash between high fashion meets street style Jewellery Collection. 

Without further stalling, we are proud to introduce you the SHADE Collection, the ID Collection and, last but never least, the V Collection.  

The three collections have a strong organic and geometric component, ‘oh so known for Baguera’s lovers, with a very strong concept that will transmit the irreverent and sophisticated presence of security and sexiness.

The SHADE Collection was inspired by insect silhouettes, with a more romantic and delicate aesthetic. The Shade’s are, with no doubt, the more exclusive and eclectic pieces, perfect to endure your feel-good summer look.

The ID Collection has a more personal touch and will be a mirror of your feelings and lifestyle.
Who doesn’t want to show the world what they stand for?

The Collection is inspired by the Vectory Collection – Baguera’s bestseller and Lady Gaga’s favourite, we promise! – driven by diamond shapes and organically adapted to LDJ’s concept: timeless beauty.

Stay tuned for more news to come.
We promise you a tre
nding Summer season!


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